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For more than twenty-five years, Brutus Östling worked as a publisher bringing out more than 1,000 titles, but in the year 2005 he changed his profession and is since then a full-time photographer, concentrating on birds and nature. In the autumn of 2005 Brutus' first book came out, "Mellan vingspetsarna" (Norstedts; in English published as "Life on the wing. Remarkable birds and their extraordinary lives" [London: Collins], US edition: "Between the wingtips. The secret life of birds" [New York: HarperCollins]; also in Norwegian), which was elected as Panda Book of the Year (Sweden's finest nature book) by the World Wildlife Foundation, WWF. In the summer of 2006 he published "Penguins. The secret lives of the world's most intriguing birds" [London: Collins], US ed.: "Penguins" [New York: HarperCollins]). In 2007 he published the smaller book "Fantastiska fåglar" (Symposion; 'Fantastical birds'), as well as a major volume on the White-tailed Eagle and the Golden Eagle, "Örnarnas rike" (Norstedts, with texts by Staffan Söderblom; in English as "The kingdom of the eagle" [London: A & C Black]; also in Finnish and Danish). The latter book was awarded a prize by the WWF and was appointed Panda Book of the Year (cf. above). The books have been brought out in several languages, for instance in the UK and the US.

In the autumn of 2008, there appeared a major volume on "Kaxiga fåglar" (Symposion; 'Birds with an attitude. Personalities and relationships in the world of birds'), with texts by emeritus professor Staffan Ulfstrand. In 2009 the book "Att överleva dagen. Om fåglars sinnen och anpassningsförmåga" (Symposion; 'Surviving the day. On birds' senses and adaptability', with texts by Susanne Åkesson) came out. The book won the same Year the Swedish August Prize (a major literary prize, the Swedish comparison to the British Man Booker Prize, named after the Swedish classical author August Strindberg).

In the autumn of 2010, there appeared "De krushuvade och andra pelikaner" (Symposion, with texts by Susanne Åkesson; in English as "Dalmatians and other pelicans"), a photo documentary on the Dalmatian Pelicans that live in the north of Greece and adjacent countries, but also on the other seven species of Pelicans.

In the year of 2011, Brutus for the first time wrote all texts for his own photo book. "Under asfalten vilar en strand" (Norstedts; 'Under the asphalt lies a beach') is about the Midway Atoll in the Pacific, a former US naval base consisting of a couple of small islands, two and three kilometres in length, respectively. Today, Midway is a historical monument and a nature reserve, and this is where you now find the world's biggest colony of albatrosses, estimated at one million breeding birds.

In 2013, Brutus Östling published a comprehensive book on "Konsten att fotografera fåglar och andra djur" (Norstedts; 'The art of photographing birds and other animals'), a practical manual of more than three hundred pages, containing everything from the most fundamental to advanced image processing.

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