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Personal bio

Brutus Östling was born in December 1958. He grew up in Stockholm but since more than twenty-five years he lives in Scania. He started writing articles while still in school and never completed all subjects in secondary school. Instead he started a publishing house, Symposion, at the age of 22. Since 1981 Symposion has published more than 1000 titles with everything from classics like Goethe, Bûchner, Cervantes and Hasek to political and biographical books by Vaclav Havel (when he still was a prisoner, half a year before he became the President of Czechia), Madeleine Albright, Hans-Peter Martin/Harald Schumann to more academic books. Since June 2011 he is married to Agneta Östling who also works in the photo company.

For more than twenty years Brutus worked full-time as a publisher at Symposion, but than he changed carrier more or less by accident. He has been a sober alcoholic for more than twentythree years, and after eight-nine years sobriety he started with nature photography. His first photo books became bestsellers and since 2005 he works full-time as a photographer. At the age of fourteen--fifteen, he dreamt of being a photographer, but then he did not touch a camera for more than twenty years. Then he started diving in 1996. A generous award from the Swedish Academy for educational work the following year resulted in an advanced equipment for underwater photography, and after close to 100 diving hours during the first year, the first underwater pictures were taken. Until the autumn of 1999 it was just a question of underwater pictures, and he sold a number of photo documentaries to diving journals like UVM, Dyk (Swed., ‘Dive’) and Tauchen. But since the year 2000, almost all his photographing is done on land. In May 2006, Brutus was awarded the prize as ”Nature Photographer of the Year” by the jury of the Swedish National Environmental Protection Agency. In November 2007, he was given the title of ”Nordic Nature Photographer”, which was conferred every two years. In 2009, the photo book by him and text-writer, professor Susanne Åkesson ”Att överleva dagen” (‘Surviving the day, On birds’ senses and adaptability’), won the Swedish August Prize (a Swedish comparison to the British Man Booker Prize and named after August Strindberg, awarded annually by the Swedish Publishers’ and Book Dealers' Associations).

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